Myths and Realities About Love, Marriage and U.S. Immigration

When you are in love and at the verge of marriage, the entirety seems viable, the arena is yours—or so you think. As the song says, “Love and Marriage” cross together. Add pass border love and U.S. Immigration to the combination and love and marriage might also get blended up with headache, heartache, tension, separation, and confusion. The reality is that U.S. Immigration isn’t very accommodating to the practicalities of worldwide love, and not beneficial to those keen to start their lives together. Below is a short listing of a number of the myths and realities that follow in U.S. Marriage based immigration.

Myth: I am a citizen of the superb United States of America. I determined my proper love in Australia. We’ll marry at the beach in Australia and then return to america together and live happily ever after as residents of the US.

Reality: If you and your spouse marry overseas and then intend to go back to the United States to stay, you may first ought to file at the least immigration petitions with helping files to show that you are definitely in love and without a doubt marrying, not simply marrying for the greencard. One petition will first be filed with the USCIS within the United States, and then later, some other at a U.S. Consulate in Australia before your partner may be allowed to go into the USA either as a lawful everlasting resident or as someone who is married to a United States citizen who is coming to the U.S. To process for permanent house. There are distinct approaches which you need to compare for all their execs and cons, prices and timing. The complete process can take 6-one year. Figuring out which one will pass quicker is like rolling the dice in Vegas.

Myth: My African boyfriend and I are younger, we are in love, living in Africa in which I am in the Peace Corps and we plan to marry. We are enthusiastic about our upcoming trips to the U.S. Where we plan to attend the weddings of our dearest pals inside the United States over the next few months. Our dad and mom additionally need to throw us a celebration birthday party at a inn after we are lower back in the United States. We’ll record our U.S. Immigration office work after which while we’re waiting, come to the US for a few trips and then pass back to finish our processing in Africa.

Reality: After you have got married, your husband won’t be capable of comfortable the required vacationer visa to enter the United States for a quick time at the same time as the everlasting residence software is wending its manner thru the gadget. Both the consular officer making the visa determination and the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol officer who inspects your husband whilst you input the USA won’t agree with that he’s going to genuinely depart after the visit. After all, you and your husband are married and feature allow the U.S. Authorities realize via submitting the petition that you intend to are living within the United States. At either factor, your husband may be became round and forced to stay in Africa till your petition makes its manner thru the complete technique.

Myth: My Thai girlfriend and I are planning to marry—we are so totally in love. But we 婚介公司 don’t need her stuck in Thailand at the same time as I begin my new job in San Francisco subsequent month. We’ll just come to the US collectively—she’ll get a traveler’s visa and then, we will report the paperwork in San Francisco. That manner, we won’t be aside.

Reality: If your Thai female friend applies for, is issued and enters the USA on a vacationer visa and then you record a wedding petition for everlasting house shortly after she arrives, she could face intense immigration consequences and feasible denial of her greencard application. An immigration officer reviewing the application may want to decide that she had a preconceived motive to enter for the purpose of marrying and submitting for permanent house which isn’t permitted on a traveller visa. As a visitor, she is only accredited to go into for a quick visit and need to intend to go back to her everlasting residence in Thailand. Even worse, the officer could determined that based at the traveler visa software and/or what your girlfriend informed the officer become the purpose of her journey to the United States, she made a material misrepresentation a good way to gain access to the US. In that case, you’ll need to report a waiver application and reveal via voluminous documentation which you could suffer extreme problem if she were now not allowed to immigrate. You could be going through a big mess of your personal making. The proper way for someone with impending plans to marry a United States citizen is with a K fiancé visa. However, as with the everlasting house application for folks who are married, it is a prolonged, two petition procedure that could go away you separated for numerous (6-8) months or extra. The authorities has no provision taking into consideration expedited petitions based on love and the want to be together. They are callous in your pleas for expedited processing primarily based on longing and loneliness. You ought to wait in line and are available as the law requires or face the consequences.

Myth: My British fiancé is a bit of a bad boy—which makes him charming and adorable to me. In his horrific boy band days, he had some minor runs ins with the regulation—for inebriated driving, for a touch combat, for possessing a joint. I am no longer certain when they befell or even precisely what passed off, but they were definitely minor so we suppose they may not be a hassle for him. After all, he’s been to the U.S. A few instances as a traveler and never had a hassle.